St. Francis



"There's always a place at the table for you."


All are welcome to join our NEW multi-generational group for the women of St. Francis Parish and friends.  This group is an expanded and updated version of our former "Women and the Word" designed to bring women of all ages together for faith, friendship, fun and making a difference.


The Women's Connection gathers in a relaxed and welcoming environment, mindful of the busy lives that women lead today -- their need to still connect with each other and their faith -- while keeping the time commitment light and the time together faith-filled and fun.


Whether you can make just one gathering a year or would like to become more involved, we've got you CONNECTED!  



About our Gatherings


-- Meets four times a year, Thursdays 6:30 until 8:00pm

-- Each gathering has a different faith and service theme

-- Each gathering has three components:


    1)  Friendship--Coffee, Snacks/Dessert & Chat (and maybe a game!)

    2)  Faith and Fun (a creative hands-on activity based on scripture)

    3)  Service & Kindness: A collection or light service activity for our charities






THURSDAY, NOV. 16 at 6:30pm




All women, all ages, are welcome to join us as we gather together in thanks, have some fun, rest and refresh, and focus on gratitude of our Catholic faith. 


The Women’s Connection Committee is especially thankful to God for all the women who have supported our group, blessing us with your presence, faith and friendship.


We'll be serving homemade pie and hot mulled cider!


Our charity for this gathering will be "End 68 Hours of Hunger," which fills the backpacks of children from Dracut who are at risk of hunger on weekends.  Andrea Connelly, Founder of End 68 Hours of Hunger for Dracut, will be our special guest. 


KIDS HELPING KIDS on Nov. 18/19 -- we invite children/youth of all ages to bring one or more items from the Most Needed List (below) to Mass on these dates.  Fr. Maher will call the children up to the altar to place food in backpacks -- a powerful visual of Kids Helping Kids at the altar of God.


Peanut butter (18 oz. plastic) — Jelly (20 oz. squeezable containers — Canned Pasta (Beefaroni, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Meatballs) — Canned Soup (12-20 oz. size) — Macaroni and Cheese (boxes not cups) — Canned fruit (3-4 oz. serving size) — Granola Bars/Nutrition Bars — Cereal (Boxes or bags of 5-8 servings) — Tuna or Chicken (10 oz. or smaller cans) — Instant Oatmeal — Swiss Miss Mix


If you can join us, please email,

call the parish office at 978-452-6611

or drop by the office to sign up.

We'd be delighted to welcome you --

there's always room at our tables! 



Mission of The Connection


Build community among the women of the parish (and friends) through spiritual, social and charitable gatherings. 

Encourage women to:  -- connect with their faith through prayer and scripture projects; -- connect with their friends while building new friendships; -- connect with service and kindness in reflection of Christ's love; -- demonstrate the grace and unity we possess to make a difference as women connected in God's light.


Got questions about The Connection or would like to get connected? 

Email us at or call the parish office at 978-452-6611.  One of the Connection Committee members will get right back to you. Also, feel free to see one of our Committee Members at church: Cecilia Mancini, Sue Lyons, Brenda LaRochelle, Jill Hovanasian, Joyce Kulig, Phyllis Dauwer, Sandy Niemaszyk, Barbara Wedge or Debbie Hovanasian



 Future Connections from The Connection


Now that we're connected, come build with us! 


Connections from the Connection might include: 


Day trips -- spiritual retreats -- craft nights -- benefits -- prayer circles -- theater trips ....the possibilities are endless when you connect St. Francis women together in faith, fun and charity!