St. Francis


Celebrating your Wedding at St. Francis Parish




Engaged? Thinking about getting married at St. Francis?  We would be honored to work with you to set up your wedding day. We do ask that you schedule your wedding at least 6 months in advance. 

Please call the Parish office at 978-452-6611 to set up a time to meet with Fr. Maher, Deacon John or Deacon Mike.  

After meeting with clergy, we will set you up with one of our wedding coordinators, Jan or Jessica, to help you plan your special day.  Below are more details you'll need to know.



Preparing for and celebrating a marriage is a joyful and graced time in the lives of men and women. 


We are delighted in your interest in our beautiful church for the place of your marriage before the altar of God.  As a parish, we share your joy and look forward to this exciting journey with you.


Our picturesque church on the hill (built in 1996) and the 15 acres of former farmland on which it is set are particularly suitable to extraordinary weddings in a faith-filled, sacred environment.    


Fr. Maher, our administrator, Deacon John Hunt (above) and Deacon Mike Tompkins, along with the entire St. Francis parish family welcome you to celebrate the sacrament of marriage among the physical beauty of our church, and, more importantly, among the sacred beauty that a church setting and our clergy offer on one of the most important days of your life. 


Exchanging vows of matrimony before the altar of God carries with it unique, 

faith-filled graces -- a time you are certain to remember with great love and joy

throughout the rest of your lives.  


Registering For a Wedding Date:

Please call the parish office (978-452-6611) to schedule an appointment with Fr. Maher, our administrator, or with Deacon John or Deacon Mike.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.   We cannot confirm the date in the calendar until it is approved by Fr. Maher or one of the deacons, which typically occurs after meeting with the couple.


We suggest that the church date and time be secured before placing a deposit on a reception hall. Generally Saturday weddings can be scheduled between 11:00am and 2:00pm or after 5:30pm.   Sunday weddings can be scheduled after 1:30pm.


Visiting clergy are always welcome to officiate at your wedding. 



Preparation Program:

Couples are asked to participate in a marriage preparation program. 

The parish will provide you with the programs that are available nearby.


 Records you will need:

Baptism and Confirmation records (for Catholic participants) will be requested, and a Marriage License must be obtained. The license can be applied for at any city of town hall in Massachusetts, and is valid for 60 days after it is obtained.



   Wedding Coordinators 

 Janice Conole (left) & Jessica Keefe (right) are our wedding coordinators.  Once plans are in place, Janice or Jessica will contact the bride and groom.  You will work closely with one of them, especially as the time draws near for the rehearsal and wedding.  


Janice and Jessica have much experience and they both do an awesome job working with the engaged couple, the parents and the entire wedding party to make this special day run seamlessly and joyously for all. 



Wedding Music:

The members of the Music Ministry at St. Francis Parish congratulate you on your upcoming wedding and wish to help make your celebration a memorable one.  


Our Music Director Dave Keefe is the wedding organist/pianist while Jill Hovanasian is the soloist. 


Dave and Jill (right) will invite you to a Music Session in early spring to give you an opportunity to hear the various wedding music that is recommended.  This is a fun gathering that is also particularly informative, so please be sure to make the time for it. 


Dave and Jill will be happy to work with you to select the music that best expresses your taste while still reflecting the sacramental nature of the Catholic marriage service.   They are each talented musicians who enjoy their participation in the weddings at St. Francis, and especially appreciate the honor of being present at such a special time in the couples' lives. 




 Photography and Other Information




PHOTOGRAPHY, both video and still, are permitted.  The interior of our church as well as the 15 acres of former farmland that surround the church are perfect settings for photography.


We love the photo above of Jamie and Andrea exiting the church after their winter wedding while family and friends on the plaza showered them with bubbles!


The photo of Ed and Kim at the very top of the page was taken on our 300-foot boardwalk following their autumn wedding.  The boardwalk spans the protected wetlands and connects the lower parking lot to our Blessed Mother Prayer Garden in the field.


FLOWERS:  You are welcome to provide flowers for the church.  At left, for Lindsey's and Michael's wedding, the floral arrangements on the shelf behind the altar serve as a beautiful backdrop.


Like many churches today, we do not permit an Aisle Runner – White Carpet –

as they are dangerous and unnecessary.


RECEIVING LINE:  We welcome you to have your receiving line as your guests exit the church. 

We often hear from couples later that they were happy to have made that choice, allowing them to greet guests before the reception.




Thank you for visiting our Marriage page and we hope to hear

from you regarding your wedding at St. Francis Church.


Feel free to give us a call at 978-452-6611

or email with any questions.


May God bless you both as you prepare for this holy sacrament.