St. Francis
St. Francis: The Church on the Hill
SUNDAY AT 8AM, 10:30AM, 5:30PM  -- DAILY AT 9AM
Our church is often referred to as “the church on the hill” for its beautiful location in East Dracut atop a hill on 15 acres of former farmland. Though we’re off the beaten path in a peaceful country setting, the church is just a minute’s drive from Capt. John Ogonowski Memorial Square and the Ogonowski Farm on Route 113.
St. Francis Parish, originally a mission church of St. Michael in Lowell, was established in 1963 in a small church on Methuen Street that was built earlier by a determined and Christ-centered community.
During the 1990s, the building boom in East Dracut resulted in the need for and construction of our current church on Wheeler Road -- built by yet another determined and Christ-centered community.
Dedicated May 5, 1996, the church’s setting combined with its elegant, sacred beauty is beloved by the community and admired by our many visitors.
The most important element of St. Francis Parish, however, is its clergy, its people and the mission of the community to serve God near and far, walk in the footsteps of Christ, grow closer to the Lord, and share the Light with others.
All age groups, from children to seniors, are enriched at St. Francis through the Eucharist, prayer, service, community outreach, friendship and faith, hope and love. St. Francis is a beloved “home” to our parish family, one which changes lives through faith, creates lifelong friendships and makes a difference daily to those in need.
Fr. Seán Maher (administrator), Deacon John Hunt, Deacon Mike Tompkins and the parish family warmly welcome our visitors and encourage all to join us in our Christ-centered mission in our little corner of East Dracut.
If you visit for Mass, please be sure to introduce yourself to our clergy after Mass. We are always happy to meet and welcome visitors and new parishioners.
TOP PHOTO:  Holy Thursday 2018, The Mass of the Lord's Supper.  From left, Deacon John Hunt, Fr. William Sheehan (assisting clergy), Fr. Seán Maher (administrator), Fr. Jack Farrell (assisting clergy) and Deacon Mike Tompkins