St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi Parish

"Bridging with Others to Serve Others"



We are most grateful to the businesses who have sponsored our parish mission of serving others, both within the parish community and outside.   


We've used the symbolism of "the bridge" in reference to our 300-foot boardwalk that "connects" the main church grounds to our prayer garden in the lower field (story about the bridge below).  

In the same way, we are connecting with our business community "over the bridge" in order to serve others. 


Our generous 2017/18 BRIDGE Sponsors (listed below) help us to do what we do at St. Francis Parish -- serve thousands of people per year who are in need of support in a myriad of ways with no regard to boundaries or religious affliation. 





Grazie/Four Oaks Country Club/Dracut (full page) 


  Scola's Restaurant/Dracut (half page)


 Heav'nly Donuts/Dracut (1/4 page)


 Brothers Sports Bar and Grill/Dracut (1/4 page) 


Frobie's Cafe/Dracut (1/4 page) 



Home Services 


Yankee Pest Control (1/4 page) 


R.C. Alarms/Dracut (1/4 page) 



Lee A. Vinal Inc./Dracut (full page) 



Funeral Homes 


McKenna-Ouellette-D'Amato/Lowell (full page) 


Dracut Funeral Home/Dracut (half page)  


Local Farms 


Farmer Dave's CSA/Dracut (full page) 


Saja Countryside Family Farm/Dracut (1/4 page)



 Local Professional Services 


Stephen J. Szczepanik Insurance/Dracut (full page) 


Document Technologies, Inc./Xerox Agent/Bedford 



Law Offices of Colleen M. Garry/Dracut (half page) 


Health Care Family Pharmacy/Dracut (1/2 page)


Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union (Dracut) 


Riverside Press/Methuen (1/4 page) 


Dick Lepine Real Estate/Dracut (1/4 page) 


Jim Carr, Inc. Rare Coin/Pelham (1/4 page)  


More Than Hair Day Spa/Dracut (1/4 page) 


Masse Fire Protection/Pelham, NH (1/4 page)


A Sweet Deal Fundraising/Stoneham (1/4 page) 



For Children 


Sunny Sky and Rainbows Child Care Center/Dracut (half page)  




X-press Rent-a-Car and UHaul/Methuen (half page) 





 Behind The Bridge


We've named our sponsorship program "THE BRIDGE" in honor of our church's 300-foot boardwalk constructed by Eagle Scout, civil engineer and parishioner Mark Rocheleau.   

Mark built the boardwalk in 2013 to honor his mother, Sharon, who lost her battle with an infection.   The boardwalk spans the protected wetlands from our lower parking lot to Our Blessed Mother Prayer Garden in the field along Wheeler Road. 

Symbolically, we've built a similar "bridge" with our sponsors, connecting a parish that helps thousands of people a year and a local business community that partners with that mission of serving others.


To read Mark's story, scroll below.



Mark's Inspiration 


Prior to his mother's death, Mark was seeking out an Eagle Scout project.  Sharon, a scout leader, had encouraged him to build a 12-foot bridge over the stream that divided the main church grounds from the field.  


An active volunteer at our church, Sharon loved St. Francis as well as the country setting of the field with the Blessed Mother statue (placed on the boulder at right in 1996 when the new church was built). 


The goal of both Sharon and Mark was to allow parishioners easier access to the field to pray by the statue and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Without it, parishioners had to park on the side of the road -- a risky move on a narrow and well-traveled country road. 


The project was halted, however, due to strict wetlands regulations.   Mark devastingly lost his mom shortly thereafter.  Instead, his Eagle Scout project became beautifying the area around the statue with a brick patio and two memorial benches, one that bears the name of his mom. 



By the summer of 2013, Mark had a achieved a degree in civil engineering from UMass, Amherst.  With the support of then-pastor Rev. Brian Mahoney, he found a new way to get that "bridge" to the prayer garden built, including all approvals needed.  That "bridge" came in the form of a 300-foot boardwalk that fully spans the wetlands, hence not disturbing the protected space. 


Mark's dad, Paul, and his friends pitched in; however, contruction was not without its challenges, including the heat.  Fortunately, he had further inspiration:  whenever he'd feel discouraged, a butterfly would come his way. 


This was a message, he said, that his mom was still right there with him.   


Paul also received a special message.  In the wood on one of the posts at the start of the boardwalk, a perfectly shaped heart was revealed, also reminding him that her presence was still near, Paul said.


Following completion of the boardwalk, Mark headed off to Colorado to pursue a master's degree. 


Since its completion, hundreds of parishioners and visitors have enjoyed use of the boardwalk.  Crossing the wetlands, one is transported to the countryside of Vermont -- it is that special. 


Please feel free to visit at any time to pray in the garden, stroll over the tree-lined boardwalk or simply to enjoy the tranquil setting among God's beautiful creations.  


 Mark, above right, with his Dad, Paul, at the blessing of the Boardwalk in October, 2013.